'School of Rock' Sequel Preparing to Roll


Paramount is moving forward on a sequel to the hit comedy "School of Rock," with most of the original talent attached to return.

According to Variety, Mike White is working on sequelizing his original script with the tentative title "School of Rock 2: America Rocks." Richard Linklater is attached to direct and, as you might imagine, Jack Black would return as rocker-turned-substitute-turned-rocker Dewey Finn.

Since everybody involved has discussed a possible sequel for four years, we're not sure why this is news, but the trade paper thinks so and we're happy to pass along the word.

Actually, the extra detail might be the plot: Variety says the film would involve Finn taking a group of students on a summer cross-country trip to various musically significant locations. Because what parent wouldn't want to let their kid go off on summer vacation with Jack Black?

No word on whether or not any or all of the original kids will be returning.

Made on a budget of $30 million -- the sequel would probably cost a pretty penny more -- "School of Rock" made more than $130 million worldwide.

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