The Underdogs: Seabiscuit, jockey Red Pollard, trainer Tom Smith and the United States of America Undersized and overlooked, the Thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit had an impressive pedigree but was doomed to life as a cheap claimer until businessman Charles S. Howard ( Jeff Bridges), recovering from personal devastation, saw the potential in a trainer named Tom Smith ( Chris Cooper), who was living as a Depression Era hobo. Smith then spied the "look of eagles" in the eyes of the demoralized Seabiscuit and believed that hard-luck jockey Red Pollard ( Tobey Maguire) was the man to ride him. As the nation pulled itself out of economic hardship, Howard's cheerful promotion of the story of Seabiscuit and Pollard – who both had to overcome possibly career-ending injuries – lifted spirits. -- Kate O'Hare
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