Samantha's house

Before Anne Heche, Jennifer Jason Leigh was cast as Samantha but had to leave the production just before photography started for personal reasons. However, before her departure we had a very in-depth discussion about the character and how she would visually represent Sam in terms of her taste, her collection of art, furnishings, books, rugs, etc. I found Jennifer to be remarkably knowledgeable and articulate in the history and fields of architecture, art and design, and after a very productive discussion we found ourselves on the same page conceptually, so much of her initial input regarding tone, style of her character's home made it onto the screen. I would like to thank her for that. -- Cabot McMullen I kept the sofa from location, but I had to add some color and texture, for Randolph Duke is a big fan of all cream-and-black decor, and while that is a beautiful design idea, it reads on camera less feminine than we wanted our character "Samantha" to be. The pillows I purchased at Z Gallerie, the furnishings in foreground were rented from 20th Century Props, Omega Cinema Props and Modernica on Beverly. (The fabulous fur rug is the property of Randolph Duke.) The solid black granite wall on the right side was another challenge for camera, so we designed and built these light boxes to look like part of the architecture and which gave us terrific light source during our night scenes. We used them in the bedroom as well. The oil painting I rented with permission from the artist, from the furniture company Vioski, and the artist is L.A.-based Miguel Reyes. I felt that the painting was a representation of the city lights below the Hollywood Hills home. -- Beth Wooke
David Novak, Anchor Bay Entertainment
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