Jones Denies 'Boldface Lies' About Marriage Breakup

Star Jones may have left "The View," but she's not leaving her husband.

The former ABC talk show co-host is angrily denying rumors that "reality has caught up" to her relationship with Al Reynolds and their marriage is over, reports US Weekly.

In fact, Jones intends to fight back at the person responsible for telling the New York Post her marriage was crumbling. Her rep issued the following statement:

"These categorically false stories and their continuation are clearly being generated by someone for vindictive reasons alone. [Star Jones and Al Reynolds'] legal representatives have been investigating the source and motivation of these boldfaced lies for some time now and are very close to exposing the individual who has perpetrated them. At which time, appropriate legal action will be taken."

According to Wednesday's Page Six, an unnamed source revealed that "[Star]'s heartbroken over the turn of events. She really wanted it to work, and she thought it just might work, but in the end, it just wasn't going to happen."

Another anonymous pal adds, "Here she lost all that weight -- and put her job on the line -- in order to keep him. Star has resigned herself to the fact that they're not going to spend the rest of their lives together."

Jones, 44, and Reynolds, a 36-year-old Wall Street investment banker, wed in 2004. Their marriage has undergone intense scrutiny and criticism from the start, beginning with stories that he's gay/bisexual and Jones' outrageous wedding behavior in which she shamelessly plugged all the freebies she received for her over-the-top ceremony.

Since their marriage, she's also lost a significant amount of weight in a suspiciously short period of time and had a breast lift and implant surgery earlier this year.

In April, she unexpectedly announced on the air that she would not be returning to "The View." The show has been rotating guest hosts in and out to find a replacement. This fall, Rosie O'Donnell will take the spot vacated by Meredith Vieira, who moved to NBC's "Today"

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