FOX Pilot Targets 'Inseparable' Lead

FOX has headed overseas to find the star of its drama pilot "Inseparable," from creator Shaun Cassidy ("Invasion").

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Toby Stephens has snagged the lead role in what is described as a modern take on the Jekyll-and-Hyde formula.

"Inseparable" is given as an example of how the now-settled writers strike has changed the way networks are getting into the pilot business. FOX allowed the ABC Studios-based script to begin casting before the network officially ordered the pilot. Even after asking for a revised script from Cassidy, the trade paper says that as of Wednesday (Feb. 28), "Inseparable" hadn't been picked up to pilot.

Stephens will play a partially paralyzed forensic psychiatrist with a split personality. Naturally his second personality is a charismatic criminal.

The British actor -- he's Dame Maggie Smith's son -- was most recently seen in "Jane Eyre." His credits include "Cambridge Spies," "The Great Gatsby" and the James Bond adventure "Die Another Day."

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