Sean Casey has no fear in 'Storm Chasers'


Last Wednesday, Discovery Channel premiered a new season of its wild-weather reality series "Storm Chasers," and things are a bit different inside storm chaser and IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey's Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) during the recently concluded 2010 tornado season.

"It's a new driver," Casey says, "so it was about rebuilding the dynamics of the team within that vehicle."

The new navigator is also a meteorologist.

"In past seasons," Casey says, "we missed stuff because there isn't that instantaneous reaction that you can have when you have another experienced set of eyes in there."

Last season, Casey and the TIV wound up in the middle of a considerable storm, and despite a threat to life and limb, Casey captured spectacular footage for his IMAX film, likely called "Tornado Alley," that is set to be released in April 2011.

But he may have topped that this past spring and summer."We really put ourselves in positions this past year," he says, "to be next to some breathtaking images. We have a comparable moment in the first half of the season. … Let's just say there was a day when I'd never seen anything like that before, pretty close and that violent."

Casey says that Bill Paxton, star of the 1996 hit storm-chasing film "Twister" (and who is thinking about doing a 3-D sequel), is narrating his film, which he's currently hard at work editing.

"It's nine years of IMAX film," he says. "It goes well, I think. You get in so deep that you lose perspective."

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