'Jericho' Baddie Lands on TV's 'Crash'


The ever-growing ensemble of Starz' "Crash" TV series continues to expand with new actors ready to teach us that everybody in Los Angeles is just a little bit racist.

Starz has announced that D.B. Sweeney, Nick Tarabay and Michael Fairman are set to join the adaptation of the Oscar-winning "Crash."

The new "Crash" won't feature any of the same characters as Paul Haggis' original, but it will include many of the same themes, namely that people in Los Angeles have difficulties driving.

Sweeney ("Jericho," "The Cutting Edge") will play Peter Emory, a successful real estate developer, living in Brentwood with his wife Christine (Clare Carey) and their teenage daughter. Fairman ("LA Law") is Lou Loskey, Christine's overbearing and incapacitated father. Tarabay ("CSI: Miami") portrays Axel Finet, a police lieutenant having an affair with fellow officer Bebe (Arlene Tur).

Other previously announced pieces of the "Crash" ensemble include Dennis Hopper, Luis Chavez, Ross McCall, Jocko Sims and Brian Tee.

Production has begun on the pilot with Sanford Bookstaver directing. Since the show aims to give a realistic depiction of Los Angeles, filming will take place largely in New Mexico.

Starz plans to premiere the new "Crash" in October.

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