Jason and Molly, 'The Bachelor'

The Issue: Ummm ... Jason picked the OTHER GIRL first and then swapped her out for current fiancee, Molly. It's been *seven* years since "The Bachelor" produced a televised wedding ... or any kind of wedding, for that matter. Now the infamously wishy-washy and widely disliked bachelor will be the second ever in the popular ABC series to walk down the aisle. Yes, Trista and Ryan have made it work (and remain the poster children for the show every. single. season.). But then again, Trista didn't pick that "other guy" first and then trade him in for Ryan on national television. The Call: Molly, get a good lawyer. This guy is a bit sketchy at best and obviously has some heavy duty decision-making issues. Hey, on the bright side, at least ABC will give you a fairytale wedding. We just hope you live happily ever after. --Christine Law, Zap2it
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