ThinkFilm Devours Ledger's 'Candy'

ThinkFilm's got an appetite for "Candy."

Nearly two months after the company snagged distribution rights to the feature version of "Strangers With Candy," ThinkFilm has also picked up the very different drama "Candy." The Australian film features Oscar nominee Heath Ledger and Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush.

Ledger plays Dan, a charming poet who falls in love with art student Candy (Abbie Cornish). As he's drawn into her world, he's also hooked into the world of recreational drug use, eventually falling into a spiral of addiction.

"'Candy' beautifully captures both the exhilarating highs and the maddening lows of youthful folly," says ThinkFilm exec Mark Urman. "Not only does it confirm Heath Ledger's standing as a brilliant leading man, it also establishes Abbie Cornish as the next important international star to emerge from Australia."

Australian stage director Neil Armfield makes his theatrical helming debut on "Candy," which is based on the novel by Luke Davies. Armfield and Davies collaborated on the screenplay.

"It's great to be working with ThinkFilm on the US release of 'Candy,'" says producer Emile Sherman. "They have responded to the film in exactly the way we hope viewers do -- as a unique portrayal of the addiction of love and everything we do to get it to last forever."

There's no timetable yet for a "Candy" release beyond "later this year."

The hope is that "Candy" will serve as the cinematic equivalent of methadone for Ledger addicts. The "Brokeback Mountain" star has said that he plans to take a break before his next project, allowing the actor to be a family man to his new baby and to significant other Michelle Williams.

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