Game Time: 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11'


The only thing that makes the sport of golf more exciting than Tiger Woods is EA Sports. Its people's near-obsessive eye for detail and desire to achieve perfection has made each and every sports title from their camp rise to the top of the genre. Now that love of the game is taking shape in yet another iteration of their beloved "PGA Tour" series, but this time it's offering something a little different: teams.

The game of golf is often known for its singular achievements, but in an age of online interactivity and hardware that can host a group of players at once, EA Sports has decided to think outside the box and make the activity more group-based. Within the game, you'll now be able to customize your own team and take on all challengers as you work together to become the best in the world. Also, the game, unlike its real-world counterpart, doesn't limit you to foursomes. Your team can consist of several golfers who journey together, en masse, in pursuit of the famed Ryder Cup. The prestigious Celtic Manor tournament between U.S. and European golfers has made a home on "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11." Whether you choose to captain your team or merely follow, you'll compete in foursomes, fourballs and singles with the single hope of bringing your country a victory.

While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are relying on their enhanced and highly detailed graphics to immerse players in the game, the Nintendo Wii is using its ultrarealistic Wii MotionPlus controls. The new Advanced Plus and Tour Pro control options offer two levels of swing precision. While using the Advanced Plus mode, you'll swing your Wii Remote just like a golf club while the game tracks both swing rotation and plane. Switching to the Tour Pro mode takes things one step further and actually tracks the point of contact on the ball. Putting has also been polished and now includes True View technology. This first-person camera angle gives you a bird's-eye (or Tiger's-eye) view of the ball, allowing for a more accurate and detailed putting mechanic.

With the game's detailed environments, realistic control schemes and updated team play, EA Sports has truly outdone itself when it comes to bringing gamers a deep and immersive experience. Most people will never know the thrills, tension and heartache of playing professional golf, but thanks to "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11," they can get pretty close.

Media Link: The PGA Tour's Memorial Tournament airs Sunday, June 6, on CBS.

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