Tom Sizemore's Prison Time Reduced

Despite Tom Sizemore's efforts, he's still getting jailtime, but at least it's been reduced.

The "Saving Private Ryan" actor's 16-month sentence for violating probation in a drug case was reduced Tuesday, June 26, report news sources.

Sizemore received 213 days of credit for time spent in jail and two live-in drug programs, which reduces the sentence to about nine months. Of those, he will likely only serve about four and a half months.

When Sizemore, 45, was booked on suspicion of various drug charges in Bakersfield in early May, this violated his probation for a 2004 methamphetamine conviction. Sizemore has been in jail without bail since early June.

This wouldn't have been the first time Sizemore had violated probation ever since he was convicted in October 2004 for methamphetamine possession. In early 2006, he had his probation lengthened by three additional years for using drugs. He also once had his probation temporarily revoked for having a Whizzinator -- a prosthetic device equipped with clean urine -- was found during one of Sizemore's drug tests.

Sizemore last appeared in 2003's "Dreamcatcher," the thriller "Paparazzi" and as Pete Rose in the TV movie "Hustle."

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