Tony Robbins Helps Himself to NBC Reality Pilot

"The Biggest Loser" guides people to lose weight, but what about the other areas in that need help in their lives?

NBC and "The Biggest Loser" producer Reveille will team up to create a reality series featuring self-help entrepreneur Tony Robbins.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the unscripted project will star Robbins, who will come to the aid of folks in distress ranging from those merely down on their luck to those who suffer from personality disorders.

The network has ordered a pilot presentation for the unscripted life transformation show.

Executive producing is Reveille's Howard T. Owens and Mark Koops and Bruce Beresford- Redman of " Survivor."

Robbins, 48, is the successful self-help guru known for his books, seminars and infomercials. He appeared in "Shallow Hal" to hypnotize Jack Black's character, altering his mental state so he can see people's inner character as their outward appearance. While that's a nifty trick, it's unlikely that Robbins will perform such a stunt on the show.

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