TV Fashion: Dirk Black of 'All of Us'

Every girl’s crazy for a sharp-dressed man. And judging by the trail of broken hearts and bedsprings left by Dirk Black on “All of Us,” airing Mondays on The CW, Dirk is one sharp-dressed man.

A self-confessed toxic bachelor and veteran of four failed marriages, he is always available to aid his best friend and television talk show co-host, Robert James, with advice on women. But if there was another topic Dirk could school Robert on, it’s how to dress: beautiful suits and sport coats on the set and laid-back casual sportswear around the house. And by house we mean Robert and ex-wife Neesee’s house, because that’s where everyone seems to hang out.

Nevertheless, thanks to costume designer Maritza Garcia, Dirk has a penchant for the classic styles of Hugo Boss. A vertical stripe “Bob-N” long-sleeve buttoned-down shirt from Boss adds length to his already lanky torso and can help guys with more challenging physiques hide width. The black shirt is the very definition of debonair and is priced accordingly (that means it’s pricey). Paired with a textured silk tie from Boss in a contrasting color, the look works beautifully with the label’s fine wool basic black three-button blazer. A Brooks Brothers Saffiano leather dress belt in British tan occasionally shows itself, solidifying his sense of style. It makes you wonder how those four women could possibly have signed the divorce papers. Yeah, you’re right – it was probably easy.

Garcia has also been fond of putting our man in a pair of Michael Kors flat-front wool pants, also in black. These extended tab waistband slacks can be worn year-round and feature a slightly lower rise and a clean, narrow leg. Another great choice, which seems to keep the ladies in waiting, is Marc Ecko’s three-button blazer – again in black. Yes, it sounds as if Dirk works in a mortuary, but oddly enough he does throw in a great deal of color, especially in accessories like ties, belts and shoes.

Keeping things more casual still, Dirk lounges in Boss’s “Hannes” lightweight cashmere blend crew-neck sweater in light gray. Trimmed in fine ribbing around the neck and cuffs, this piece looks great over jeans or dress pants. And speaking of jeans, when trying to relax at home or chasing the kids, he can be found in either dark Rocawear or mid-washed Humility Denim jeans from Live Mechanics. The latter feature serious sandblasting, the label’s trademark huge rear pockets and, ironically, the word “humility” stitched across the back waistband. Dirk also wears a basic white polo from Rocawear from time to time away from the office. A pair of Timberland 6-inch waterproof boots completes the look.

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