TV Fashion: Kate Austen from 'Lost' (ABC)

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: The show "Lost" has us flummoxed. OK, we've said it once. It just seems to us that being stuck on a South Pacific island for that amount of time would have rendered their clothing useless long before they found the laundry room in the hatch. Seriously, these people should be naked.

Of course, in the case of Evangeline Lilly's character, Kate Austen, that may just be wishful thinking on our part. But let's not kid ourselves, modern fabrics - the lightweight cottons and blends, specifically - would not hold up well to the constant exposure of the South Pacific elements: salt water, sun, sand, rain, humidity, artificially relocated polar bear dung, etc.

Still, Wednesday after Wednesday for what amounts to almost two months of island life, our criminally hot bad girl seems to be soaked to the bone or baked in the sun or muddied beyond belief in whatever she's wearing, seemingly with no ill effects. And with fairly regular wardrobe changes, it seems that Oceanic Air flight 815 was carrying a shipment for the opening of a Gap store - with everything conveniently in her size. Gosh, that's lucky. Not to mention the hatch must have a never-ending supply of Woolite.

Nevertheless, we might consider cutting poor Kate some slack and suspending our disbelief about the clothing, what with the polar bears, vanishing smoke, hatch with secret code, dirty French woman and mysterious roving kidnappers - The Others - whose clothes have clearly not been treated with Scotchgard - all making the rest of the show so plausible. But as this is what we get paid for, let's focus on Kate's personal style.

She's sexy but tough - think Harley-owning girl next door. She's constantly layered in tight tank tops in mild earth tones, occasionally under flimsy men's cut button-down cotton shirts with subtle patterns, all of which helps show off her remarkable physique. And the requisite low-rise boot-cut denim jeans or brown canvas cargo pants accessorized with hole-punched, wide leather belts bring the eye to her midsection. You definitely want your tank to ride just high enough for your perfectly defined abdomen to say "hello" on a fairly regular basis.

Aside from great upper-body definition, the girl also has an impressive set of thighs, and boot-cut pants, especially cargo pants, help give muscular legs a nice columned look. Trust us, thick thighs and a tapered pant leg are a mix that would really deserve to be placed on an island. But be sure to avoid cargos with boxed pockets on the behind if your backside is more Hurley than Kate. Remember, you want to draw attention to your assets, not your flaws. And weathered or distressed clothing gives a nice, casual vibe during the summer months and looks great at the beach or for quick walks in the jungle.

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