TV Gal Nurtures Spring Love Blossoms

Ah spring. The days are longer, the sun is shining and TV coupleseverywhere are falling in love. Let's take a look at some of theromances blooming on television these days.

Nadia and Milo on "24": I knew Michelle and Tony, I loved Michelle and Tony andyou, my friends, are no Michelle and Tony. You all know by now that"the world is ending so let's make out" is one of my all-timefavorite "24" occurrences. It's utterly ridiculous, but that's whattypically makes these moments so delightful. But I simply don'tcare about Nadia and Milo. At all. It might be because both EricBalfour and Marisol Nichols are struggling with the show'saction-over-character-development format. Let's be honest: there issome bad acting happening at CTU these days. And I'm not talkingabout my Ricky ... or Bill Buchanan ... or Chloe.

Sanjaya and Preteen girls on "American Idol": I know, I know, people arevoting for the worst, but my guess it's really starry-eyed12-year-old girls who are keeping Sanjaya on the show week afterweek. Really, the judges only have themselves to blame for thishairful of a problem. Out of the thousands who auditioned, they puthim in the Top 24. I kind of feel bad for the kid. It's not hisfault that he's still in the competition. But I'm glad to see theshow taking the "if you can't beat him join him" approach toSanjaya. Instead of the judges blatantly showing their displeasures(as they did when Sanjaya made it to the Top 12) or not even beingshown at all (they were virtually ignored when Stephanie Edwardswas voted off way too soon), "American Idol" put Ryan Seacrest in afauxhawk and no one even mentioned how egregious it is that Sanjayais still on the show. Even if Sanjaya does win, I don't think itwill ruin the show. "American Idol" has produced stars who don'tfinish first and perhaps the judges will think twice before theylet another Sanjaya through.

Robert and Kitty on "Brothers & Sisters": I love this show. I love Rob Lowe (my loyalty datesback to his Sodapop days) and I'm so glad he's joined the cast ofthe show's second season. But I do not love the Kitty/Robertromance. Part of it is I don't buy the central conceit that allthese men would be instantly smitten with Kitty. Part of it is Idon't think a potential presidential candidate would behave thisway. And part of it may be that I think Lowe and Calista Flockharthave zero chemistry. What do you think?

Jack and Samantha on "Without a Trace": Am I the only one who thinks the show isthinking about putting these two back together?

Bones and Booth on "Bones": I've officially decided they are the Mulder andScully of this decade. David Boreanaz has totally become a newcharacter for me (particularly impressive because I thought therewas no way I could think of him as anyone but Angel). And EmilyDeschanel gets better every week. I didn't used to buy all thistalk of the sexual tension between these two but now I'm so pickingup what the show is putting down. What are some of the TV romancesthat are grabbing your attention these days? Write me and let me know.

Quotes of the Week"This is going to be more complicated than we thought." Locke afterseeing Jack playing football with the Others on "Lost." Lockealways has a way of stating the obvious. "We all thought she wasguilty. This is going to be awkward." Chloe when Nadia is broughtback to CTU on "24." Actually Chloe has quite the knack for statingthe obvious too. "I want to be better than that. I'd like tobelieve I've grown. I want to move forward." Dr. Burke to Christinaon "Grey's Anatomy." Somehow I think Isaiah Washington was talkingto directly to us. "We split the money and you can go get your legstattooed or whatever the hell you want." T-Bag to Michael on"Prison Break."

Where Have I Seen Them Before? That wasDevon Gummersall as Mark, the man with the security schematics andthe autistic brother on "24." Gummersall was Lisa on "The L Word,"Sean on "Roswell," Zach on "Felicity," and, most importantly, BrianKrakow on "My So-Called Life." Catherine Dent was the woman dyingof the rare muscular disease on "Grey's Anatomy." She's Danny on"The Shield." Elisabeth Moss, who played Zoey Bartlett on "Grey's Anatomy" and Christina on "Invasion," was her daughter. MichaelBoatman, Carter on "Spin City" and Stanley on "Arliss," was the manwho lost his foot to diabetes on "Grey's Anatomy." Molly Price,Faith on "Third Watch" and who we saw in one of the final episodesof "Studio 60," was Sam's sister on "Without a Trace."

Highlights of the Week Ahead
All times listed are Eastern Time for the week of April 2 to 8 I never thought the show was steeped in realism, but honestly"Prison Break" -- which has its season finale Monday at 8 p.m. onFOX -- has become like a cartoon. It's the third day of Sara'strial in like a week? You can't even get to traffic court in thatamount of time. T-Bag, who remains entertainingly evil thanks to acompelling performance from Robert Knepper, is like an one-armedsuper villain. Is there anyone he can't take out with his plastichand? They all criss-cross the country and just happen to run intoeach other?

The writing on the show is so haphazard and seems to bein a precarious free-fall. I feel like they squeaked their waythrough a second season, how will they possibly manage a third?They need to know when to let go and I think now may be the time.I'm not much interested in seeing Micheal, his bringing-sexy-backbrother and the rest of the chain gang on the run for a whole otheryear. But FOX picked up the show for a third season last week so weall better get used to the idea. Perhaps Michael could spend nextseason righting his wrongs.

The best thing about this season hasbeen Paul Adelstein terrific performance as Paul Kellerman. Alas, Idon't think Kellerman will live to see season three. One, becauseusually when a bad character seeks redemption he's a dead man, and2) because Adelstein has been cast in the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off(where he's destined to become my McDreamy).

Will you tune into athird season of "Prison Break?" Write me at andlet me know.

I've had my complaints about "24" this season, but thegenius of "24" remains its innate ability to make me instantly careabout characters. At 9 p.m., I have no idea who Brady is. By 9:40p.m., I'm screaming, "Duck Brady, duck, don't let the sniper getyou" at the TV. Are we ever going to know if President Logan isalive? Hopefully since Gregory Itzin is listed as a guest star forthis week's episode of "24" (Monday, FOX, 9 p.m.). Also ,obviously,Audrey isn't dead and I still really want Milo to be the mole inCTU because at least that would make him interesting. It occurredto me the other day that perhaps the show is grooming RickySchroder to take over for Jack Bauer in future seasons of "24."

Last week's triple double cross to prove Nadia's innocence cementedthe fact that Mike Doyle is a good guy but also a guy who will goto any means to justify the right end. Sound familiar? With Jackprecariously close to a nervous breakdown, I think it's somethingto think about. And I think they protest too much signing by Kiefer Sutherland for the next three seasons. I still think they couldkill him off this year.

With "Dirt" finishing its first andprobably final season last week, "The Shield" returns Tuesday at 10p.m. on FX for a sixth season. Everyone must deal with the fifthseason finale death of Lemonhead and Vic (Michael Chiklis) hasrevenge on his mind. Recent Academy Award winner Forest Whitakercontinues his guest starring role as the obsessed Internal AffairsLt. Jon Kavanaugh.

Seriously, how good is "Friday Night Lights"(Wednesday, NBC, 8 p.m.)? Somehow even the ridiculous and clichedstory line of Tim Riggins beginning a relationship with his mucholder neighbor works. And Adrianne Palicki's nuanced and complexperformance as Tyra is truly Emmy-worthy. I so heart this show.This week, Coach Taylor accepts the job at TMU, but something tellsme that decision won't last long.

One of my favorites LauraLeighton ("Melrose Place") guest stars as a mother involved in someillegal activities in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"(Tuesday, NBC, 10 p.m.)

Ryan O'Neal guest stars as Brennan's dad onthis week's episode of "Bones" (Wednesday, FOX, 8 p.m.)

"The Office" returns with a supersized 42-minute, brand new episodeThursday at 8 p.m. on NBC. Last time we saw him, Roy was vowing tokill Jim and Roy and Pam were officially over. Casting RashidaJones as Karen might get my award for most brilliant casting of theseason. In less capable hands we may have hated Karen, but I stillfind myself kind of rooting for her even though I remain convincedheartbreak is in her future. The show remains continues tounderwrite the series counting on the audience to understand whatis happening (they don't have anyone talk about Jim not attendingPam's art show, we simply don't see him there). Less is very oftenmore when it comes to comedy. Which might be why some oftelevision's most famous names have directed episodes this season.Both J.J. Abrams ("Alias," "Lost") and Joss Whedon ("Buffy,""Angel") have directed episodes. How cool is that? And even betternews, next week Andy returns from his anger management training. Ican't wait.

I'm a little bada-who cares about the return of "The Sopranos" this Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. The show is a little likethe show that cried "this is our last season." And it has beenalmost a year since we've had a new episode (June 4, 2006 was thehalf-finale) and at that point HBO said the show would be back tocomplete its sixth and final season in January, then it was Marchand now the series finally returns in April. At this point thewhole thing seems a little smug and indulgent to me. Of course allwill be forgiven the show returns to its glory days of creativityas it wraps things up but right now I'm just not that interested.How about you?

And if Showtime thinks "The Tudors" (Sunday at 10p.m.) is going to help them take on la familia, they need tothink again. This 10-episode series follows King Henry VIII(Jonathan Rhys Meyers) through his marriage to Queen Katherine ofAragon (Maria Doyle Kennedy), affair with Anne Boleyn (NatalieDormer) and his eventual formation of the Church of England. Ithink a more apt title might be "Sex and the Royal Throne." Andit's so melodramatic isn't it? What do you think of the show? Writeme and let me know.

So the bad news is that something has beenwrong with my email since I left for my vacation and I haven't beenreceiving any of your emails. But the goods news is they areworking on it and I should be fixed very soon. I didn't want you tothink I was ignoring your emails. I'll be back next week to talkabout my continued love affair with "Lost," the adulterypoolzahappening over at "Grey's Anatomy," the new FOX series "Drive"(starring one of our favorites Nathan Fillion) and much, much more.Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Or want to nominate a quoteof the week? Write me at and let me know.

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