TV Party: 'Dead Zone'

Sometimes the only reason we need to throw a party is because we are so dumbfounded by what we're watching. Take for example "The Dead Zone", airing Sundays on USA Network. What in God's name happened to Anthony Michael Hall? Remember that cute goofball from "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club" and "Weird Science"? My gosh, he was the original Rusty in "National Lampoon's Vacation", for crying out loud. Sure, those films were all from 20 years ago, but who knew 20 years could cause so much, er, physical change? All we're saying is that it doesn't even look like the same guy. "The Dead Zone" is in its sixth season, and we just realized it was him! Holy cow, we need some Chex Mix ASAP.

Setting the scene:Decorating based on a former Brat Packer playing a science teacher coming out of a coma with psychic abilities is daunting. Think psychic. Think teacher. Think crime solver. Think Maine. Think someone who probably groped Molly Ringwald in her prime. Yep, good stuff. Get crystal balls, Magic 8 Balls, Ouija boards, outdated newspapers, references to Bill Clinton still being president, political signs that read "Stillson for President," a periodic table and then, because you want this party to be the best ever, hire a professional psychic. And hang a couple of posters of Judd Nelson just for giggles.

Attire:Few things say Maine like cable knit sweaters with plastic lobsters glued to them. But we're going to predict the future and say nobody will actually come wearing one. So tell guests to come as they are.

On the menu:Selections from The Zone Diet Recipe Collection – disguised chicken with green beans, sea bass delight and apple cinnamon squares, followed by some cardio and free weights. (Keeping with the theme, there's a chance you might actually slip into a coma immediately following.)

On the hi-fi:Anything by the Grateful Dead or, if you're feeling the need to be saturated, "The Dead Zone" soundtrack featuring songs by Joystick, Stereophonics, Jeff Buckley and the man himself, Anthony Michael Hall.

The showstopper:Since this show is based on a Stephen King novel, you should pack up the family and head to all that is horrific – Bangor, Maine. There you can take tours of sights made famous in King's novels on the Tommyknockers & More Bus Tours. Yep, a bus tour of Bangor, Maine. And you thought Hall pushing 40 was scary.

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