Tyler Perry's Madea Gets Animated


Tyler Perry is expanding his mini-media empire into the world of animation.

Perry, the writer-director-star of "Madea's Family Reunion" and "Why Did I Get Married" and creator of the TBS sitcom "House of Payne," is set to make his character Madea the center of an animated series. As with "House of Payne," the show will produce a number of episodes before seeking distribution via TV or video, the showbiz trades report.

The idea, Perry says, is to take Madea -- the imposing, truth-speaking woman played by Perry in drag -- from Perry's more adult-themed plays and films and make her more appealing to younger viewers.

"A lot of the plays were not kid-friendly. I wanted to do something more appropriate [for children], and this seems to be it," he says. A 'Madea' animation looks like the best way."

Perry will write and executive produce the animated "Madea" with Jerome Williams, Max Howard and John Eraklis of Exodus. He'll also provide the character's voice.

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