'Ugly Betty' Gets a New Beau


For someone allegedly "Ugly," Betty Suarez sure has a lot of men in her life.

And come next season, she'll have one more to juggle. According to several media outlets, former "Six Feet Under" star Freddy Rodriguez will join the ABC show in the fall as a potential love interest for Betty (America Ferrera).

He'll be playing a character named Gio, who runs a sandwich cart in the Mode offices and takes a shine to the plucky assistant. Like Betty, he comes from a blue-collar background but has grander ambitions. What that might mean for the relationship between Betty and co-worker Henry (Christopher Gorham) remains to be seen.

Rodriguez was nominated for an Emmy in 2002 for his work on HBO's "Six Feet Under," where he played undertaker Federico Diaz. He recently appeared in Robert Rodriguez's portion of "Grindhouse," "Lady in the Water" and an episode of "ER" last season.

His other credits include "Poseidon," "Bobby," "Can't Hardly Wait" and a recurring part on "Scrubs."

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