'Jericho' Star Gets 'Armored'


Skeet Ulrich, whose second season of "Jericho" premieres next month on CBS, will co-star in the Screen Gems drama "Armored."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ulrich will play Dobbs, part of a team of armed truck employees who plot to steal $10 million from one of their trucks.

This will work out, we assume, because "Chill Factor" proved the equation that Skeet Ulrich plus Big Trucks equals Box Office.

Anyway, the Nimrod Atal ("Vacancy") drama also stars Matt Dillon, Columbus Short, Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno and Fred Ward.

Production begins this week in Los Angeles.

In addition to the dramatically resurrected "Jericho," Ulrich's credits include "Scream," "As Good as It Gets" and the short-lived series "Miracles."

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