Jessica Parker Kennedy, 'The Secret Circle'

You know her as: Melissa Glaser, the least assertive of the "Secret Circle" witch coven. After her boyfriend's death, she's become a bit disillusioned with her friends -- particularly her Queen Bee Mean Girl BFF, Faye. Why we like her: Thus far, Melissa seems to be the least developed character on the show, but Kennedy is one of the best surprises of the 2011 season. Her work in a scene where her character was possessed by a demon was so good we were startled by her -- but she doesn't need big dramatic scenes to impress us. She's also fantastic and subtle in more casual, high-school-hallway scenes as well. It never feels like she's acting. We're hoping the second half of the season lends itself to more opportunities for us to see Kennedy turn it up a notch. Where else you've seen her: She was Plastique -- AKA Bette Sans Souci -- on "Smallville," and she was in the original "Undercovers" pilot before being replaced by Mekia Cox. You may also remember her from short-lived series "Kaya," "Soul," and "Valemont." -- Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2it
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