'Veronica Mars' Eyes Comics, Movie

"Veronica Mars" may live on ... but not on television.

Creator Rob Thomas revealed that the teenaged private eye may continue her adventures on the big screen and in the pages of a comic book, reports the Toronto Star.

"I have some ambition to write a screenplay, see if I can shop that and get it made," says Thomas Monday (June 11) at the Banff World Television Festival. "And I had a meeting with DC Comics last Monday and they want to do [Season 4] as a comic series."

To make the series more appealing to the CW audience, Thomas had proposed to fast-forward Veronica's adventures by a year, which would place her at the FBI Academy. Although the green network didn't bite, this concept seems perfect for the comic book treatment.

But as for the TV show, which ended its third season on the CW on May 22, it won't be back. "It's over for good as a television series," confirms Thomas.

So fans heartened by the "Jericho" nuts campaign can just stop sending Mars Bars to the CW in hopes that the show will be renewed for the fall.

"I just heard about the Mars Bar campaign," says Thomas. "This is a tough thing for me to say because I love those people and they have been so good to me, but it's not going to happen. At the end of the day [CW president] Dawn Ostroff doesn't get to make the final call. Hers is an important voice in the room. But they're the little sister company of CBS. There was a pretty strong feeling that [CBS head] Les Moonves didn't want to do the show."

Thomas previously worked as a writer on "Dawson's Creek" and the short-lived ABC series "Cupid." He will next serve as the show runner on ABC's mid-season series "Miss/Guided," which stars Judy Greer as a high school guidance counselor. He also has high hopes for a pilot idea called "Party Down," in which actor wannabes newly arrived in Hollywood land jobs as caterers.

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