VH1 Spins Off Brooke Hogan


VH1 has just entered the upper echelons of cable ratings, so it's not about to fix what isn't broken. So prepare yourself for ... "Brooke Hogan Knows Best."

The purveyor of "celebreality" and occasional music network has greenlit four new series, including a spinoff of "Hogan Knows Best" that stars Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, as she strikes out on her own in Miami. Another series starring Tiffany "New York" Pollard is also on the way, as are shows featuring comedian Margaret Cho and 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell.

A pair of new "Rock Docs" and an edition of "VH1 Storytellers" featuring Snoop Dogg will also debut in the next several months.

VH1 ranks among the top 10 cable networks among adults 18-49 so far in 2008 (it's tied for seventh), the first time that's happened for the 23-year-old channel. Its growth has been fueled by unscripted shows like " Scott Baio Is 46 ... and Pregnant" and "Flavor of Love," which train unblinking cameras on the lives of a certain level of celebrity.

"Brooke Hogan Knows Best" will follow the 19-year-old Brooke as she leaves the very protective and large arms of her pro-wrestling legend father, moves to Miami and embarks on her career. The show will also feature her two roommates, various friends and love interests, and most likely mom and dad.

Pollard, the star of "I Love New York," has put the winner of that show, Tailor Made, "on the back burner," according to VH1, and is now concentrating on becoming a top-flight actress. Thus, "New York Goes to Hollywood," in which Pollard moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of non-reality show stardom.

The other new series are "The Cho Show," which centers on the outspoken comic, her "eccentric entourage" and her family; and "Luke's Parental Advisory," in which former the 2 Live Crew hype man-turned-adult entertainment entrepreneur balances his business, his two teenage kids and his upcoming wedding.

The two upcoming "Rock Docs" will focus on a James Brown concert in Boston on April 5, 1968, that is credited with helping calm unrest in the wake of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination; and on the long and varied career of Elton John, using special effects to have the present-day John interact with his younger self.

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