Henson Welcomes Gorey's 'Guest'


Edward Gorey's macabre classic "The Doubtful Guest" is heading to the big screen courtesy of Walden Media, Fox 2000 and the Jim Henson Co.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Huffman is adapting the film, with Brad Peyton directing. "The Doubtful Guest" will be rendered in a mixture of live action, animatronics and CG.

The deceptively simple story, first published in 1957, focuses on a Victorian mansion and its inhabitants whose lives get turned upside down when a mysterious creature shows up as their unexpected guest.

Lisa Henson tells the trade paper, "It's hard to come up with a creature that you've never seen before in any medium, and he's a unique little creation who is very appealing without being cute or cloying."

Peyton's credits include the short film "Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl," which suggests at least something of a kindred spirit with Gorey, who died in 2000.

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