Wesley Snipes to Cough Up $1.7 Mil to UTA


It wasn't talent alone that got Wesley Snipes four of his film roles.

The "Blade" star has been ordered to pay $1.7 million in back commissions to the United Talent Agency for helping him get hired for four films, report news sources.

According to the lawsuit filed in July 2006, Snipes made an oral agreement to pay UTA 10 percent of his earnings from "Blade: Trinity," "Chaos," "Middle Man" and "The Shooter." He was reportedly paid at least $13 million for "Blade," the third film in the futuristic vampire franchise, but only gave UTA about $717,000 of the agreed upon $1.3 million for the film. UTA is also claiming they're owed their share of the $11 million he was paid for the other films.

UTA's David Schiff, Martin Bowen, Josh Pollack and April Lim are the agents who negotiated Snipes' deals on the films. After the deal for "The Shooter" was finalized in February 2006, the actor left the company.

Snipes has been busy with the courts lately. He had a hearing this week to check on the status of tax evasion charges he was indicted on last year. He allegedly filed false refund claims of about $12 million and failed to file tax returns for six years.

Snipes, 45, is also known for "New Jack City," "Jungle Fever," "White Men Can't Jump," "Rising Sun," "Demolition Man," "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar," "Murder at 1600" and the "Blade" films.

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