Baby Bump = Ratings Bump for 'Zoey 101'

Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy resulted in a lot of looky-lous tuning into the season finale of her Nickelodeon series.

More than 7 million people tuned into "Goodbye Zoey," the hour-long "Zoey 101" episode that aired Friday and capped the show's third season. That's more than double the number of viewers the show usually captures.

The "Goodbye" in the title might not be a permanent one: Nickelodeon has already shot a fourth season of "Zoey," which is scheduled to premiere in February. The finale centered on Zoey's (Spears) decision on whether to stay in school with her friends or move to London with her parents. She chose the latter, only to find out her best friend Chase (Sean Flynn) is in love with her.

The 7.28 million viewers for "Goodbye Zoey" made it the No. 2 show on all of cable last week, trailing only ESPN's coverage of the Peach Bowl between Clemson and Auburn. The show also beat most of its broadcast-network competition at 8 p.m. Friday; NBC's "1 vs. 100" was the only broadcast show to draw a bigger audience in the timeslot.

Jamie Lynn also outdrew big sister Britney's performance at MTV's Video Music Awards in August. That show drew 7.1 million viewers

Following news that the 16-year-old Spears was pregnant, rumors swirled that Nickelodeon would scrap the fourth season of "Zoey," which was likely to be its last regardless. There was also speculation that the network would produce a "Nick News" special on teen pregnancy; neither of those turned out to be true.

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