Kenneth (Ving Rhames)

Dawn of the Dead (2004) In the original George Romero films, the black guy dies -- not from zombies, but from social commentary (ok, from being shot by posse members.) In the remake, Kenneth is a bit luckier... at least, during the course of the film. Kenneth is a police sergeant whose shooting skills come in handy for warding off the zombie hordes. He even manages to be one of the few survivors making it to a boat that allows them to flee the zombies (despite a bus crash caused by an inexpertly wielded chainsaw that gets blood on the windshield.) Granted, the credits show that boat out of gas, on an island, being approached by a mass of the undead... but since we don't see him die, we're counting this as a win. Lessons: Shoot the head Stock up on firearms No chainsaw use on the bus Keep extra fuel handy
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