Oct. 31, 2020

Sean Connery poses with his signature Aston Martin in the 1964 movie Goldfinger.

A commanding screen presence throughout his long career, Sean Connery came to define British novelist Ian Fleming’s dashing and deadly secret agent.

Generally, presidential candidates steer clear of Idaho during general election season; Democrats don’t stand a chance, and Republicans don’t need to bother.

Four people were wounded early Saturday when shots were fired from a passing sedan into the Sahara Theater in Anaheim, police said.

We are able to make talking politics not contentious but flirtatious. Careful not to force our own beliefs, yet able at the same time play devil’s advocate.

Shortly after the streaming platform launched, marketing consultants advised the company to change course, but they were largely ignored, sources said.

“The song is decrying the kind of person [Trump] is,” says the Creedence Clearwater Revival founder of his 1969 antiwar classic. “He’s absolutely that person I wrote the song about.”

A Judge’s ruling is the latest twist in the sex scandals involving actress Charlotte Kirk and some of Hollywood’s most powerful men.

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Tracking the Coronavirus

West Hollywood is preparing for what is typically one of its biggest parties of the year, its Halloween Carnaval — by telling people not to show up.

For months, Los Angeles parents have held on to hope that public school campuses would reopen soon. It’s unlikely to happen before January, officials say.


Across social media Saturday, Daniel Craig and others reacted to news of the death of Scottish actor Sean Connery, best known for playing Agent 007.

State and county health officials cited rising community spread of COVID-19 as the key factor in their decision not to allow family at UCLA and USC home games.

The UCLA football player who initially tested positive for the coronavirus registered a false positive, the university announced Saturday.

Astronauts from 19 countries have floated through the space station hatches, including many repeat visitors who arrived on shuttles for short-term construction work, and several tourists who paid their own way.

The COVID-19 pandemic bogged down naturalization processing at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Starting Sunday, millions of Americans who have lost health insurance in an economy hit by the coronavirus can sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage.

Tensions have boiled over in a southwestern Washington city near Portland, Ore., following a vigil for a Black man shot and killed by law enforcement.