Aug. 22, 2019
Top News
A video of Pacifica High School students doing a Nazi salute reflects rising racial tension as Orange County grows more diverse.
A dip in summer heat has led firefighters to do their mitigation work unusually late into the summer, ahead of what could be another terrible fall.
Sheriff’s officials spent hours overnight searching an apartment building after a gunman fired at Deputy Angel Reinosa while he walked to his car.
Trump has remade the Republican Party, a new USC/L.A. Times poll finds. Nearly half of GOP voters want to move in an even more populist direction. But the change has alienated a significant chunk of Republicans whose support he’ll need for reelection.
Long Beach police said the man told a coworker Monday that he planned to come into work and shoot people. The hotel’s management contacted police.
“My City of Angels helped me,” says Duanne Hardaway, who moved from the street to a new apartment under a program called Encampment to Home.
As developers lobby the Trump administration for endangered species relief, California is moving to backstop wildlife threatened by federal rollbacks, including the San Bernardino kangaroo rat.
South Korea’s decision to cancel the intelligence-sharing pact will further aggravate its ties with Japan, which are already at a low point.
Planned Parenthood clinics in several states are charging new fees and intensifying fundraising after the group withdrew from the federal Title X family planning program.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House press secretary, will make her debut on “Fox & Friends” on Sept. 6.
Costco recently stopped selling the ribeye cap, which is made when a butcher trims a whole ribeye roast and rolls the resulting marbled piece into a log and ties it with twine.
Will millions arrive at Area 51 in September to storm the gates? Nobody knows for sure, but government agencies are preparing for the worst.
Rohingya Muslims would rather stay in the Bangladesh refugee camp where they are now than face the Myanmar military’s ethnic cleansing campaign.
As Trump attacks Jewish Democrats and Muslim congresswomen, HBO’s “Our Boys,” set amid the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, walks a political tightrope.
Celso Piña, a musical pioneer known for his fusion of cumbia and tropical sounds as a base, suffered a heart attack and died. He was 66.
“Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” director Quentin Tarantino is expecting his first child with his wife, model and singer Daniella Pick.
The Los Angeles Music Center will unveil its $41 million plaza revamp by Rios Clementi Hale Studios on Aug. 28. The project is meant to connect the cultural complex with Grand Park.
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