Sep. 15, 2019
Top News
Almost 15 years later, Nathaniel Ayres lives in a locked mental rehab facility, and the rest of us live at the center of an epic collapse of care and a failure of leadership.
UCLA’s blowout loss to Oklahoma amid another 0-3 start begs the question: Would coach Chip Kelly ever consider resigning before being fired?
L.A. Opera will open its season with a splashy “La Bohème,” a black-tie gala and a cloud of accusations still hanging over Plácido Domingo.
Growers on Hawaii’s Big Island use chemical analysis to accuse retailers and coffee makers of passing off commodity beans as Kona.
Democratic leaders’ worries that their party’s presidential candidates would hamstring themselves with far-left litmus tests have proved unfounded.
The legislative clock runs out on two California bills seeking to phase out single-use plastic containers and ease the state’s recycling crisis.
Tensions boiled over this month when a Porsche Macan jumped a curb in central Berlin and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians, killing four.
Iran calls the U.S. accusation that it was behind an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure part of Washington’s policy of “maximum lies.”
The White House says Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a U.S. counter-terrorism operation in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.
The Los Angeles Times editorial board has written about climate change for years. Here’s why we thought this was the right moment for a bigger, broader series of editorials on the subject.
Weekend Reads
Some visit San Francisco’s North Beach because it tastes like Italy, and some visit because it howls like the Beat Generation. But the times, they are a-changing.
With skyrocketing rents, more people like me are moving into our vehicles and joining the homeless population. Cities aren’t making it any easier for us.
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