Dec. 6, 2019
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Video footage shows the last hours of Carlos Hernandez Vasquez, 16, who was found dead May 20 at Border Patrol Station in Texas.
Pete Buttigieg is also rising among California Democratic primary voters, a poll for The Times finds. Michael Bloomberg is the most unpopular candidate.
A UPS driver and a person in a nearby car are among the dead after an apparent jewelry store robbery in Coral Gables turns into a deadly police chase.
The Supreme Court weighs whether people who are homeless have a right to sleep on sidewalks if cities don’t provide enough shelter beds to house everyone.
Engineering firm WSP USA Inc. to study how to convert the 405’s carpool lane into a toll lane that would grant access to single-occupancy drivers, for a fee.
About 50 people died in Uber collisions in each of the last two years, at a rate about half the national average for automotive fatalities, the company said.
Throughout Mexico legions of fans remain devoted to the Volkswagen Beetle, or as it’s known, the “vocho.”
Nye’s suit against Disney says it improperly held onto millions in profits from his popular TV show. A trial will take place in May, says a judge.
With “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke went from R&B crooner to pop idol to leering disgrace in less than a year. Now, he’s mounting a comeback, with help from reality TV.
Former “America’s Got Talent” judge Julianne Hough commends copanelist Gabrielle Union and NBC for investigating the talent show after a series of complaints.
Two story lines thread through the award-winning French animated film ‘I Lost My Body,’ one tracking a hand’s search through Paris for its lost arm.
Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo will see Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard on the court for the first time since he couldn’t get past the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals in May.
Fifty million dollars. That’s the site fee that landed the Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua title fight for Saudi Arabia, which has a history of human rights violations.
Clay Matthews broke his jaw the last time the Rams played the Seahawks and lost, but are hoping for better results at the Coliseum.
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