July 22, 2019
Top News
The FBI has conducted a search at the downtown Los Angeles headquarters of the DWP.
ICE can more quickly arrest and deport undocumented immigrants anywhere in the United States — without going before an immigration judge — under a new policy announced by the Trump administration.
Facing complaints from licensed cannabis sellers about the loss of business to the black market, California officials have tripled the number of raids on unlicensed cannabis firms.
The Trump administration has intensified its crackdown on China over trade, technology and security — and now it has spread to America’s vaunted universities, turning the University of California into an especially big target.
China is tracking gamers and punishing young players for “excessive” playtime — with the help of American companies, including Riot Games.
Iran said it had smashed a CIA spy ring on its soil, officials boasted on Monday, saying some of the 17 Iranian nationals they had netted had already been sentenced to death.
Multiple road projects beginning Monday will close the 60 Freeway from Ontario to Riverside through mid-November.
A woman says her husband was killed on the North Carolina coast when a wave crashed into him, slamming his head into the sand and breaking his neck.
Israeli work crews begin demolishing Palestinian homes in an east Jerusalem neighborhood, capping a legal battle over the buildings, which straddle the city and the occupied West Bank.
As actress Felicity Huffman awaits sentencing on a charge of fraud conspiracy, her colleagues on Netflix’s “Otherhood” movie speak out on her behalf.
One of the men investigated for being the aggressor in a street fight with ASAP Rocky will not be charged with a crime, Swedish authorities said Monday.
Chinese telecom giant Huawei helped North Korea build its wireless network, according to a report Monday in the Washington Post.
Former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s testimony to Congress this week may not drop any new bombshells about the now-concluded Russia investigation. But it could spur a new wave of Democrats to push for impeachment proceedings against the president.
Entertainment & Arts
Hanks dons the beloved TV host’s trademark red sweater in a new trailer for Sony’s upcoming biopic “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”
L.A. County got a record 21,631 homeless people into housing in the past year. But a breakdown of that number obtained by The Times shows a much more complicated picture of who gets housed and how.
Oregon has advanced the most ambitious response to housing affordability challenges in the country while California Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers have struggled to pass strong renter protections and legislation that would significantly increase the state’s supply of homes.
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