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L.A. Times Debuts Boiling Point Newsletter

On the southern end of Del Mar, train tracks run precariously close to the edge of rapidly crumbling cliffs.
(John Gibbins / San Diego Union-Tribune)

This week, the Los Angeles Times launched Boiling Point, a newsletter focusing on the environment, climate change and energy.

Hosted by Times Staff Writer Sammy Roth, Boiling Point will cover a myriad of environmental issues, including rising temperatures and sea levels; wildfires; renewable energy; fossil fuels; drought and water supplies; air pollution; public lands and the outdoors; cars and public transit.

Boiling Point will take readers behind the scenes of the stories reported by The Times, including investigations and data projects. “It will be written with more of my own voice than you’d find in a typical news story,” Roth said. “I’ll offer context and analysis about the stories that appear in our pages, tying together different threads and trying to add value for our readers.”

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