Lindsay Lohan’s probation revoked pending a hearing

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Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody yet again after Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday revoked probation, pending a hearing, in her 2007 DUI and 2011 theft cases.

Sautner, who set bail at $50,000 in each case for a total of $100,000, pointed out that Lohan’s own actions had left her in a position where it was impossible for the actress to complete her sentence.


Though attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge that the bail bondsman was in the courtroom -- after a hearing date was set and probation was revoked -- Lohan couldn’t avoid the cuffs. On a live camera feed from the courthouse, she was seen being taken off by deputies to be processed, hands behind her back, white dress flowing around her.

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Sautner also said that, should Lohan make bail and want to ‘mitigate’ anything before her Nov. 2 hearing, it would be wise between now and then to work no less than two eight-hour shifts a week at the morgue toward the 120 morgue hours that were also part of the sentence.

The Times’ Richard Winton was at the courthouse, where the judge was told Lohan had been slow to serve any of her 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Center shelter because she had to support herself and her family, with her main opportunities to work requiring travel overseas.

Holley’s argument that it was ‘premature’ to assess Lohan’s progress didn’t fly with the judge, who was not impressed with the amount of hours served -- or rather, not served -- at the Downtown Women’s Center before that relationship ended.

Sautner also chided Lohan for a comment in a probation progress report that work at the center was ‘not fulfilling,’ wondering aloud whether community service was designed to be fulfilling, or punitive.

At the Nov. 2 hearing, witnesses will be called to explain the breakdown between Lohan and the women’s center -- the actress was booted and reassigned by the probation department to the American Red Cross -- as well as the details of psychological counseling sessions that were to have been done in person every week.

Holley said Wednesday that the women’s center had agreed to take Lohan back if she first did her 120 morgue hours. She argued that any in-person sessions that were missed had been excused and also made up, and that phone sessions had been in addition to the in-person work that was required.

LiLo will get no credit for community service done very recently at the Red Cross; the judge said that time would be seen as a donation to the county ‘out of the goodness of Miss Lohan’s heart,’ since probation officials and volunteers at the Downtown Women’s Center had no authority to change the specifics of Sautner’s sentence.

Lohan, who arrived in gold platform slingbacks and toted a gold Chanel purse, spoke only once, quietly telling the judge ‘I’m sorry’ after getting a little worked up, seeming to want to explain something about whether missed sessions at the women’s center had in fact been scheduled appointments.

Lindsay is about four years into attempting to complete probation requirements related to two DUI charges, a reckless driving charge and a diversion program in lieu of a cocaine possession charge. In May, she picked up a misdemeanor theft charge that earned her additional probation in lieu of a jail sentence, which was suspended.

Earlier this year Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating the first probation, and served 35 days under house arrest. On Wednesday, Sautner said she didn’t know if a jail sentence on a misdemeanor would result in any actual time served, as the county jails would be full of felons following a change in California law.

‘How many stumbles have there been on the Beverly Hills case?’ the judge asked Holley after the attorney argued that people usually aren’t perfect at serving probation.

Added Sautner: ‘Her probation would have been over last year, had she done what was expected of her.’


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Photos, from top: Lindsay Lohan arrives at the Airport Branch Courthouse in L.A. on Thursday, and is later escorted out in cuffs after the judge revoked her probation pending a hearing set for Nov. 2. Credit: Agence France-Press / Getty Images