E.F. Hutton Conviction

Your editorial (May 6), “Unsolved Whodunit,” on the E.F. Hutton case points out the fact that, under the Reagan Administration there are two kinds of justice--one for corporations and their officers, and one for the rest of us.

The Administration makes much ado about its efforts to prosecute tax cheats and welfare frauds. Many such scofflaws have been prosecuted in recent years. Some have stolen tens of thousands of dollars from the government, in other words, we taxpayers. They deserve what they get, and I have no sympathy for them.

On the other hand, corporations such as E. F. Hutton, General Electric and others, cheat and steal millions from banks. Their corporate officers, who are responsible for the policies of fraud, corruption, and cheating, suffer no penalties at all.

I’m all for throwing lawbreakers in jail. But that goes for rich, powerful lawbreakers as well as the small-time cheat. Let’s see the Justice Department pursue the corporate officers with the same zeal with which they pursue everyone else.