West Covina

The West Covina City Council has enacted a building moratorium on two strips of property and frontage road adjacent to the San Bernardino Freeway, pending a redevelopment study by city planners. The ordinance, which expires Aug. 10, covers a 3,500-foot-long strip of property and frontage road on the northwest side of the freeway between Cameron Street and the city's western border, and a more than one-mile strip of property and frontage road between Citrus and Holt avenues on the southeast side of the freeway. City officials have said that the study will review a wide range of landscaping and commercial development proposals for the two freeway corridor areas in an effort to improve the city's image from the freeway. Assistant City Planner Jeff Collier said an average of 130,000 motorists pass through the city each day on the San Bernardino Freeway. Collier said the city's long-term goal is to prepare a redevelopment plan for the full length of West Covina's freeway corridors.

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