On Aid to the Contras in Nicaragua

The defeat of the contra aid package in the House was a temporary end to an ongoing torment in my life. You see, I have close friends in Nicaragua whom I got to know and respect on a visit there two years ago.

A group of teachers went to Nicaragua to see their improving educational system and to hear about their successful literacy campaign, instituted soon after the defeat of the dictator six years ago.

I often think of Pablo and Norma and their families in Leon. They are so warm and friendly toward Americans; so optimistic about the future; so proud of their country's accomplishments in education, health care, and in meeting human needs despite the war.

I don't want my country attacking and killing the people of their country. In letters to Pablo and Norma I tell them that many Americans are trying to end the insanity of innocent civilians being killed by U.S.-sponsored contras.


Los Angeles

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