Despite the Promises, Dodgers Are Mediocre

I have just listened to the Dodgers lose again and realize that, despite the many off-season promises made by their front office, they are no more than a mediocre baseball team. Their poor defense, impotent relief pitching and shallow bench have made me also realize that the management has taken advantage of Los Angeles baseball fans despite the loyalty they have shown the past several seasons.

Instead of obtaining quality players when they were available (i.e., Tim Raines and Jeff Reardon) to make the Dodgers genuine contenders, they have fielded a team which will have difficulty keeping out of the cellar.

I have been a loyal Dodger fan since 1962. But I feel deceived by the front office, which is willing to accept mediocrity so that it can maximize its profits at the expense of the fans.


South Pasadena

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