Gay Bar

I feel sorry for anyone in the Hollywood area who needed a policeman and couldn't get one on the evening of Jan. 17. Since it was raining perhaps there was no great need for a fire truck, but other emergencies require fire equipment. I feel sorry for the people who had to wait. God forbid there was a life at stake on that Sunday about 6 p.m.

For at that time 15 police cars, red lights flashing, sirens blaring as they pulled up, and three fire trucks were at the intersection of Melrose and Gower. With a minimum of two per car and three per truck, at least 39 of our "best" were in attendance. They were answering a call regarding a blocked driveway and possible overcrowding in a bar.

The patrons of the bar were all told to file out so they could be counted, and 10 minutes later, they were ordered to leave the area or risk being arrested.

Of course maybe the fact that it was a gay bar had something to do with it.


Los Angeles

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