African Nations Accept IAAF Effort

Black African nations "are ready to participate in the Seoul Olympics," a spokesman said, apparently satisfied at the International Amateur Athletic Federation's effort to bar Zola Budd.

But Sam Ramsamy, general secretary of the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee, also leveled stinging criticism at John Holt, secretary general of the IAAF, accusing Holt, a Briton, of ineptitude and possible bias.

The IAAF's ruling council on April 16 threatened action against the British Amateur Athletics Board if Budd was not suspended. The BAAB promised a reply by May 21.

Budd, 21, moved to Britain from South Africa in early 1984 and was quickly granted a British passport, thus becoming eligible to compete in the '84 Olympics. Late last year, reports surfaced that she had run in a cross-country race in South Africa. Those reports proved to be untrue, but because she watched the race the IAAF declared this month that she violated the spirit of its rules.

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