U.S. Aid for the Contras

I find articles like the one from Purcell totally abhorrent. The Nicaraguan Contras have shown themselves to be cowards and amoral scum, killing women, children, and unarmed men without remorse. The elected leaders of Nicaragua act to prevent another CIA-backed fiasco like the one in Chile and Purcell advocates turning the Contra animals loose to butcher again. I have no doubt the Nicaraguan people, who so valiantly tossed out an oppressive regime in 1979, will be able to do the same again without our "help" if the need arises. What exactly is the purpose of the Latin America project at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York anyway (which Purcell is director of)? If Purcell's barbaric ideas are any indication, it certainly doesn't have the well-being of the Latin Americans at heart.



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