Ma Be She's a Poet

Here's is my response to Times restaurant critic Ruth Reichl's review of Ma Be, ("Perfect to a Fault," Oct. 2).

What was the matter with little Ruth?

She hated Ma Be and that's the truth

But she praised the food and the service forsooth

So, what was the matter with little Ruth?

Who brought such vexation to little Ruth?

The waiter, though polished,

whom she deemed uncouth?

(More likely a sign of exuberant youth)

Oh, what was the matter with little Ruth?

What was gnawing at little Ruth?

Not the veal which was heaven

'twixt palate and tooth

Nor the charming decor she adored from her booth

Please tell us your problem, little Ruth.

Was it cilantro, mesquite or vermouth?

The cake from outside, you sly little sleuth?

The menu you ruled far too trendy for truth?

Did the ambiance register cold in that booth?

Your personal baggage seems heavy, O Ruth!

Drop it, I pray. We are looking for truth.

If the service and food are dandy, forsooth

We must suffer the trendy. It's L.A., dear Ruth.


Los Angeles

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