Universal Life

In analyzing the reasons for the current proliferation of alien films, Patrick Goldstein failed to make any mention of the mushrooming body of scientific evidence for the existence of ETs ("Close Encounters of the Cinematic Kind," Oct. 30).

For instance, just last month, a gargantuan planet was identified in orbit about the nearby star HD 114762. And, mussels and snails living 10 to 15 miles off the Northern California coast near Eureka were recently discovered feasting off poisonous hydrogen sulfide and methane, common components of many supposedly unhabitable worlds!

These are only two examples of the crescendoing evidence confirming that the universe is teeming with life . . . that life, indeed, is the common denominator of the cosmic backdrop!

People, more than ever before, are attuned to this concept that we are dwellers in an inhabited universe. Sci-fi movie producers are simply capitalizing on this fascination with all things extraterrestrial.



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