5 States Liberalize Gambling; 3 Stiffen Their Abortion Rules

From Associated Press

Measures restricting abortion were passed in three states, while five states liberalized their gambling rules, election returns showed Wednesday.

These were among results of 238 statewide ballot questions resolved in 41 states in Tuesday’s election.

Michigan, Colorado and Arkansas voters approved bans on state-financed abortions, with Arkansas voters approving an amendment that protects life beginning at conception.

South Dakota dealt a victory for legalized gambling in Deadwood, the Black Hills town where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down while playing poker 112 years ago, and state lottery measures won in Kentucky, Indiana, Idaho and Minnesota.


In South Dakota, voters approved by a 2-1 ratio a constitutional amendment that enables the Legislature to set rules for slot machines and card games in Deadwood, with proceeds helping finance historic preservation.

In other returns, Massachusetts and Nebraska residents gave votes of confidence to nuclear power; tax cutting measures lost in Colorado and Utah; Oregonians rejected what would have been the nation’s toughest anti-smoking law; Florida, Colorado and Arizona made English their official state language, and New Yorkers approved a record $3 billion in borrowing to repair roads.