Swanson Decides on School--Maybe : Recruiting: Glendale College basketball, track standout commits to CS Northridge, then needs time to think it over.


After months of indecision, Dave Swanson finally has chosen a school. Predictably, it was an unpredictable choice.

“Dave is coming to Northridge,” said Pete Cassidy, the Cal State Northridge basketball coach.

Swanson, who competed in track and basketball at Glendale College, had reduced his list to three schools--St. Mary’s for basketball and UCLA and UC Irvine for track--but couldn’t choose a sport or a school.

Finally, he chose both sports and none of the schools. Or did he?


After a Monday visit, Swanson made what Northridge coaches considered to be an oral commitment to CSUN. But he still has not signed anything.

While waiting for his Northridge scholarship papers to arrive in the mail, he visited UCLA on Tuesday to tell track Coach Bob Larsen of his decision. However, he merely told Larsen he probably would go to Northridge.

“I’m leaning toward (Northridge),” Swanson said. “CSUN right now seems to be the best situation for me. . . . I just want one more night to really make sure.”

If he does choose Northridge, Swanson will return to the school where he spent his freshman year.

The first college he competed for could therefore be his last, and the last school he considered has become his first choice. Northridge has offered Swanson a combination of track and basketball scholarship aid. He will have two years of eligibility in each sport.

Swanson redshirted in track his first year at Glendale after redshirting in basketball as a freshman at Northridge.

During his freshman track season year at Northridge, Swanson finished sixth in the high jump in the NCAA Division II national meet. Last basketball season at Glendale, he averaged 17.5 points and more than seven rebounds per game. He was a two-year starter.

“His defensive skills have improved tremendously,” Cassidy said. “I never had a bad relationship with Dave. I never had a good feeling about his ability to play defense.”


Swanson would be one of 11 new players joining the Northridge basketball program. Cassidy said that he picked up his recruitment of Swanson during the past week and that he previously had believed that the Alemany High graduate was looking to leave the area.