Wind Knocks Out Attempt to Hang Huge Yellow Ribbon

One of the nation’s largest yellow ribbons to honor troops returning from the Persian Gulf didn’t quite withstand the wind as it hung briefly from the Coronado Bay Bridge on Friday.

The 135-foot bow twisted and began to rip as Caltrans workers struggled for several hours to lower it over the side of the bridge. Workers, afraid of causing more damage, finally gave up and will attempt to hang it again Monday, weather permitting.

About 50 passengers were aboard a Harbor Excursion tour on the bay to watch the hanging of the bow.

The ribbon, designed to withstand high winds when properly secured, contains more than 700 yards of yellow fabric and will be anchored to the bridge by 3,500 feet of rope and cable.

“The Coronado Bridge was chosen as the structure to display this yellow bow, since it is the most prominent landmark on our bay,” said Lois Silva of Western Lumber Co. “This promises to inspire our soldiers returning by sea and air.”


The ribbon was the brainchild of Silva and Bob Crowe of Flag Masters. The project was organized by the two San Diego firms and Caltrans.

“We’re very disappointed, but we’re more determined than ever to make this work,” Crowe said.

Silva said several San Diego sponsors contributed more than $5,000 in materials, labor and donations for the bow.

The bow will welcome more than 100,000 troops returning from the Persian Gulf the next few months, and it is planned that it will remain in place until July 4.