PADRES UPDATE : NOTEBOOK : Barrett Won't Take Demotion, So He Becomes a Free Agent

Former Padre second baseman Marty Barrett, who cleared waivers Thursday, said he will not accept an assignment to triple-A Las Vegas. Barrett, who has been on a rehabilitation assignment in Las Vegas for his injured knee, hopes to sign with another major league team.

"By my not accepting it, other teams may say 'He is feeling good,"' Barrett said, "If I went down, they might say I'm not feeling right."

Barrett said he was disappointed that he did not get a chance to play for a consistent length of time for the Padres.

"This latest decision (to place Barrett on waivers), I don't agree with," Barrett said. "The only thing I am disappointed in is that through the whole spring (Padre Manager) Greg (Riddoch) was talking like we're a family. I came down here to show people I could come back strong and ready, and I thought that set a good example. When I was down here, he (Riddoch) never called me. If one of your family members is down and in a hospital for three weeks and on a rehabilitation program, you'd probably give him a call.

"If there is any lesson to be learned, (Riddoch) tries to be too friendly with all his players. I would want my players to have a respectful fear of me. ... Maybe hearing this from me, he might learn."

Cardinal left fielder Bernard Gilkey left Thursday's game in the second inning after a mishap on a Benito Santiago double. Gilkey stumbled on the Padre bullpen mound while attempting to field the ball and slid into the wall. X-rays at Scripps Hospital revealed a small chip fracture in his right thumb, and he will return to St. Louis for further examination.

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