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So much has been written about who's been cast in the upcoming love-triangle "Indecent Proposal," it makes you wonder who didn't end up with the leads.

As it now stands, Robert Redford gets top billing as a Vegas high-roller who pays a million dollars to sleep with Demi Moore, the wife of down-and-out architect Woody Harrelson (we think) who goes to Sin City to try and raise money and resurrect his career. The Paramount movie goes before the cameras this fall.

Sources say director Adrian Lyne "saw everyone" (who's anyone) for the role of Redford's Donald Trump-like character, among them Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Jeff Bridges. Ditto for role of the architect, for which brothers Billy and Alec Baldwin competed against each other and against Tim Robbins.

Although Harrelson is being sued by MGM for breach of contract for defecting from the production of "Benny and Joon" to star instead in "Indecent Proposal," Lyne apparently didn't care. He wanted him and figured he'd "suffer the consequences" over a breach of contract suit, sources said.

As for Moore's part, the competition was less stiff and, reportedly, not really a competition at all. Lyne saw Nicole Kidman and singer Lisa Stansfield.

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