Security: Measure May Prevent Theft of Wrangler Doors

I read with great interest your article on the thefts of Jeep Wrangler doors (Westside Watch, March 12), mainly because I own a Jeep Wrangler hardtop.

I wasn't able to discern whether the doors being ripped off were the half-doors on the soft-top models or the full doors on the hardtop models, but I will not be the victim of door thieves, thanks to a preventive measure I took upon the suggestion of the body shop people at Walker Buerge Jeep. When my Jeep was broken into the first time in 1992, I took it to their body shop. They informed me of the door rip-offs and offered to weld the bolts on the hinges; the only "setback" being that I could not remove the doors. I had no intention to drive around with one less means of protection, so my doors are now permanently attached to the body of my Jeep.



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