WHODUNIT? Mystery road signs are cropping up...

WHODUNIT? Mystery road signs are cropping up all over Santa Clarita. The authentic-looking oblong signs, made from white metal, bear a message stenciled in red. "No friends," it says. There's also a red stick-figure man, with one elongated arm, standing behind a house. City officials don't get it. "We have no idea what they mean," says spokeswoman Gail Ortiz.

ENGINE TROUBLE: Diana Godelman of Northridge took perfect care of her 1991 silver Honda Accord, which is why it was at Woodland Hills Honda for a tune-up. But when her husband, Alex, went to pick up the car Friday . . . paying for the repairs first . . . there was a problem: The car was missing. It had been stolen off the lot, said service manager Marion Calvin. Its remains turned up later. . . . No tires. No front seats. No need for a tune-up.

PLAY BALL: Ever since Lancaster got a Class-A team from Riverside, the team has been known, awkwardly, as the Lancaster Professional Baseball Club. But Tuesday, the new name and logo were revealed. . . . They're the Lancaster JetHawks. "This is a name no one else could have thought of," said General Manager Matt Ellis.

SLINGS AND ARROWS: The administration won't let them call it "Anti-Columbus Day" this year. And there will be no arrow-shooting contest with a cardboard cutout of Christopher Columbus as the target. . . . Still, the Native American Students Council at Antelope Valley College will carry on today with its fourth annual non-observance of the holiday they love to hate, said club director Tania McMasters.

ROAD SHOW: Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti will be in the San Fernando Valley today . . . the second day in a row. Garcetti, who is running for reelection, will discuss the criminal justice system at Temple Beth Hillel in Valley Village. In Northridge on Tuesday (B1), Garcetti joked that anyone who wants his job "should be examined by a psychiatrist."

For the Record Los Angeles Times Tuesday October 17, 1995 Valley Edition Part A Page 3 Zones Desk 2 inches; 48 words Type of Material: Correction No interference--In a Newswatch item published Oct. 11 in the Valley Edition, The Times erroneously reported the stance of the Antelope Valley Junior College administration regarding a Native American student group's plans for a rally opposing the celebration of Columbus Day. The administration did not interfere with the group's plan.
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