L.A. Speak : Detailers Wax Poetic

bozo n. a picky customer.

burn the wheels v. to apply acid in preparation for hubcap polish.

cashmered adj. car interior covered in pet hair. “I don’t want to do that Beemer. It’s totally cashmered.

health-code violation n. extraordinarily messy car. syn. roach . “That lady’s Infiniti was a real health-code violation .”


iced adj. freshly detailed car. “Check out that iced 325i.”

milk the tires v. to apply Armor All.

slam n. perfunctory wax job. ant. full-on . “They only wanted a slam , but I talked them into a full-on .”

smeg v. to condition leather seats. “This bozo didn’t like the way we smegged the front seat of his Volvo.”

trunkie n. customer who stores life’s possessions in trunk of car. “I found a waffle iron in this trunkie ‘s Chrysler.”

zuma beach n. car with lots of sand in it.